What we believe
determines what we do.

We care about the quality of what we produce, our relationships with our clients, and the impact we have on the world around us. We will never claim to always get it right, but we will always continue to try.

Commitment to our clients

Our measure of success is our client’s progress. We love working collaboratively and know that to do so effectively requires communication, understanding, and transparency. We know that our best comes when we are enjoying our work and the people we share it with. For that reason, we do not think of the people we work with only as clients; but inspirations, visionaries and friends.

Commitment to the environment

Everything we do affects the world around us - and we want to leave it  brighter, more beautiful, and sustainable than when we started. We are all aware of the challenges our climate faces, but by each taking ownership of our individual patches, we can have a big impact. We are committed to driving down and offsetting our carbon footprint, and moving clients towards recycled or sustainable service providers and printers.

Commitment to our global community

We know that the world expands beyond the people we can see and the communities we experience. We want our work and play to be representative of our global community.

We are partnered with People, a charity that works with communities to create better opportunities. Communities depend on good education and employment, clean water and sanitation, healthcare and nutrition. It's a huge task, which is why People partnerships with experts who can help to deliver these things. Together we have all the knowledge, skills and resources to empower communities, but we need to work together.

Find out more about the awesome work that People does, here.