The Future of Retail

Do you remember when the high street was at the heart of the community; when retail was relational, not just transactional? Do you remember when the majority of retail wasn't routed through Luxembourg, depriving the UK of vital tax revenues?

As consumers, our choice of how we spend our money is our power to invest in the causes we care about; whether they be our local communities or sending a billionaire to space.

Events of recent years have drastically exacerbated challenges facing our high streets and local stores; in 2020, 17,500 stores closed, and 177,000 retailers lost their jobs. Now, as shops reopen, we want to know what we can do to support them. We're gathering data to understand the values and priorities of consumers better. The more information we can gather, the clearer the picture will become, so please do share this with friends and family.

The questionnaire will take just three minutes, and all of your information and responses will remain anonymous.

Finally, to sweeten the deal, one lucky participant will receive £100 to spend at your favourite local shop.

Thanks for your time.



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