Market Positioning


ActivSafety is a social enterprise start-up, supported by the Prince's Trust. We have been working to help them get ready for launch.


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Entering a competitive market during a global pandemic has its challenges, but it also presents opportunities. Beautiful Bright was brought in to help ActivSafety identify the gaps in the market and the opportunities presented by the awful impact of COVID.

ActivSafety provides online, and we hope soon 'in person', personal safety training. The Founder, Reece, has considerable knowledge, experience, and empathy for his chosen field. Over recent years, he has developed courses ranging from personal when using public transport all the way to online safety. We have been working with Reece to identify the most strategic courses to offer and the most profitable target groups to connect with. As part of our work, we have created a launch and growth strategy and helped devise market research.

We're excited to see how ActivSafety develops over the coming years. Watch this space...

Web Design and Build

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