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School Display Boards - Alumni Profiles

In every school up and down the country, there are teachers stressing about what to put on their display boards. On top of the mountain of work that they have, they find time to create wonderful displays (careful not to give away the answers to upcoming tests!) that last for a full two days before a student accidentally dislodges a couple of pins - and then we're into the Broken Window Theory territory.

AIM has found the solution. They are creating artwork of alumni students, next to which will be their bio, including what they have gone on to do. They will be permanently mounted on the wall ensuring display areas continue to look smart. But best of all is the messaging - 'students who are just like you, who went to my school and applied themselves and have gone on to achieve success - anything is possible!'


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We visited AIM London Academy, where we spent a morning photographing alumni students. The brief developed and tightened a little between the shoot and artworking, but for the bust result for this effect, a bit of dramatic side lighting would have helped the final product. The images were then tweaked in Photoshop to reduce the colours and resolution, and to increase saturation. Finally, the photos were vectorised and reworked in Illustrator.

If you like what you see, or would like something similar in your school - get in touch.

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