Kippax North Primary School, part of the Brigshaw Partnership


Branding, web, strategy

Web design and build

We work with the fantastic Brigshaw Partnership, helping them to craft their external messaging and communications. They are a group of seven schools working together to provide a community in Leeds with the best educational opportunities - they are an inspiring group to work with.

Last year we completed a brand refresh and built a new parent site, and earlier this year, we sent the first of the school sites live. Kippax North is the second of seven. 2/7 done!


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Web Design and Build

We've previously created the group site (, which provided some of the visual brand elements and tonality. It also tied us into one of the more complex top navigation bars we've ever created!

Design considerations

For this site, we refreshed the school colours, whilst being mindful that significant change would have huge ramifications for uniforms and brand inconsistencies. 

Architecture is key

We wanted to build a site that spoke clearly to the different audiences: prospective parents, existing parents, OFSTED!, and the local community. 

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Video and Animation