Web design and build

This is a great project to be involved in. New2theScene is an online bookshop with a heart for undiscovered and yet-to-be-appreciated talent. Behind the high street window displays that always feature the latest releases from famous authors, comedians, sportspeople, and disgraced politicians, there are shelves that are seldom visited - shelves of hidden treasures.

Some write to sell; others because they have to - the passionate, the talented, the born-to-be authors. And these people deserve a shout-out. They're often not recognised celebrities; they're not going to be invited onto the One Show to discuss their career change. Enter New2theScene.

Here, you won't find the biography of your favourite Premier League star, or the latest offering from David Walliams. New2theScene is devoted to the seldom visited shelves behind the window displays - the authors who write because they must.


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Web Design and Build

Our task: Create a bookshop with heart.

The challenges

  1. How do you create a website to publicise authors who haven't a public profile?
  2. Promote the authors, not just books
  3. Create a shop front where people want to stay and explore
  4. Combine the experience of visiting a high street bookshop with the ease of shopping online.

What do you think?

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