Reach Cambridge



Refining User Experience and Customer Journey

Since 2005, Reach Cambridge has given thousands of young people from all over the world the opportunity to prepare for the future in a university environment. Based in the historic city of Cambridge, their exciting and varied program comprises academic subject courses, group activities, lectures and excursions. As with so many businesses, COVID posed new and challenging obstacles; Beautiful Bright were brought in to help.


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Restrictions, introduced to help tackle COVID, presented huge challenges and limitations for Reach Cambridge's established business model. Beautiful Bright was asked to help review and hone the customer journey, which involved a partial redesign of the home page and user experience to maximise engagement and enrolment.

We worked with Reach Cambridge to think about the pacing of messaging and creating a design that would support user's journey through discovery to application. Ultimately, we redesigned the homepage and created the new 'Reach Experience' area of the site, which speak to two key audiences: students, and parents.

You can see the finished results here.

Web Design and Build

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Video and Animation