Uplift Consulting


Strategy, web

Digital sales strategy and site build

This project started as a strategy piece, exploring how Uplift Consulting can maximise their connections and embed a sales funnel into their communications and site. However, when the existing web-developer withdrew from the project, it turned into a full site redevelopment and build. The limited budget and changing priorities required some of the work to be shelved for a later date, but we were able to create a platform that supports Uplift as they continue to grow.


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This project started as a strategy piece and ended up somewhere else. We worked with Dave at Uplift Consulting to think through their sales funnel and future growth opportunities. A central challenge was to help communicate the different programmes that are available; reimagining how they are shared and presented. We structured the programmes into four categories, for leaders, teams, all staff, and coaching, to help steer the end-user towards the programmes suited to their needs.

Web Design and Build

We had not intended to build a new site and ordinarily would have invested more time into such a project. The limited resources required a quick solution - just a couple of days. We worked to ensure that the end-user would be drawn into the site to discover Uplift's services. One of the key challenges was organising the breadth of offered services into a concise and navigatable experience. Have a look and tell us how we did: Uplift Consulting

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Video and Animation