Waterloo Carnival


photography, web

Photography, Design, and Web Build

The Waterloo Carnival is a celebration of our local community, and being a part of it is a highlight of each year. There are so many fantastic people, organisations, and groups that take part; it is a perennial reminder of the good in everyone.

We support the Waterloo Carnival by designing the promotional materials, building and maintaining their website, and providing photography.


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Web Design and Build

The website reinvents itself most year, in accordance with new themes. It has become a celebration of previous years and also a place of information where people can find out about the upcoming carnival and sign up to get involved.

You can have a look here.

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Carnival is a great spectacle to photograph. It is always full of the most colourful and happy characters - we look forward each year. Here is just a small sample of some of our pictures.

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Video and Animation